Db6nt 13cm transverter

Finished transverter - bottom view. Latest revision Febr Building a MHz transverter Kuhne 23 cm transverter. Excellent soldering skills are required. Experience with SMD components is a must. Choose the tip size carefully. The big capacitors are marked Some resistors have a small footprint. Pre-tinning its tiny solder pads may help. Thread for the 12 x M2 screws is made by a threading tool.

I bought a thread tool kit on ebay. The voltmeter was connected to ground at the transverter screen. TX OUT was terminated with a 50 ohm dummyload. This diode conducts in RX. BAR64 anode 0. This diode conducts in TX. No IF signal applied. SST drain 7. BAR63 anode 0. GALI4 input 0. GALI4 output 0. AHA input 0. AHA output 0. MON out 0. The measured MON out voltage corresponds to mW at The signal source is turned off.

Turn on the signal source and locate the signal in the IF transceiver. Now follow the alignment instruction in the user handbook.Hello Andy, no schematic prepared nor the PCB yet.

Soon we will be out with this project. Hi Adam, any chance getting the schematic or PCB for this project? Very much appreciated. Hello Stefan, sorry to say, i was just lazy to put that down on the paper, I have done it strait from my head same as the pcb. Will try to look for the pcb design somewhere in my files but this will not be an easy task. LO input for the frequency Two mmics on the rx and the tx side with the smd BPF in between.

Separate ant for tx and rx. And thats it. Thank you! I am glad you can do these things. They are way above my electronics knowledge and I still have a lot to learn.

So yes, any help or information you have or can find is greatly appreciated. My email is my call sign at gmail. I see these are old comments.

Wonder if these boards were ever built? Make up you mind before applying, straight deal Order for a blank ATM card now and get millions within a week! The beer bottle caps are not the part of the project, they are here just to give you the idea of the transverter size. Maybe this beer caps are good for filters up on the 6cm band but not here :- This is the prof of project board and the final PCB should be even smaller, there is a plenty room for the resizing making everything working the same on less FR-4 substrate.

There is a short video showing the reception from the other 13cm transverter using just a Wi-Fi vip antenna. Unknown May 1, at PM. Unknown January 1, at PM.

Unknown January 3, at AM. Unknown October 12, at PM. Unknown May 24, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Shack Refurb' 1 Hour, 3 microwave bands!

SAQ on N54 A new 1MHz Osc. July But first The thing was, and this is what attracted me to it at the time; there was nothing like it on the market, and it was British. Back then, if you wanted to get onto 23cm, you had to build it yourself. The receive sensitivity and noise figure was adequate at best and the power output was a cool 0. All this was crammed into two die-cast boxes, each the size of a then standard Microwave Modules transverter.

My first microwave contact! Real microwave transistors were still not within my budget. I could now manage the occasional QSO on 23cm up to the Aberdeen area. To date, this tiny transverter has given me years of trouble-free operation as the heart of my 23cm station. It's MGF front-end is not as sensitive and certainly nowhere near as quiet as today's HEMTs but back in it was more or less state-of-the-art.

Functionally the G2B is identical to its predecessor. The output power is now only mW as opposed to 1. This reduced power output may be a minor inconvenience to some. Changes have also been made to the DC switching circuitry which now includes built-in sequencing I think this is still the world's smallest 23cm transverter and has been since ! OK, you have to build it yourself, but that's where the fun is. The G3 is not however, available as a kit. This is not my first Kuhne Electronics kit.

I have previously built transverters for 13cm and 9cm, so I was looking forward to working on the 23cm kit. Kuhne make the manuals for their kits freely available for download so I had already read through it before the kit arrived.

I knew what to expect. Typical of German efficiency, the components are all pre-packed in two 'hobby boxes', for want of a better description. The semiconductors, connectors and larger items like helical filters etc are supplied in the larger of the two with all the smd Rs and small Cs in the smaller one. My wife likes the latter for keeping her ear-rings in! Gold-plated precision-etched PCB.

db6nt 13cm transverter

Note the one odd-size screw securing the solder-tag. Michael has revised his original design in line with current technology trends to make available a kit which if assembled carefully will easily satisfy the most discerning microwave enthusiast. It is available from kuhne-electronic. Theme made with by Jacob Tomlinson.An output power of 0. This techniques reduces the complexity of a 24GHZ-transverter considerably. Figure 1: 24GHz Linear Transverter. The circuit digram Fig.

The mixer translates a signal from MHz to Figure 2: 1. Tuning is not really necessary, because it will improve noise figure from 10dB down to 8dB and output power from 0. Several replicates were measured with 10dB noise figure DSB and 0.

This diode gives somewhat more output power but the BAT15 is recommended because of the lower noise figure and uncritical behaviour. No additional filter is necesary if the transverter is operated 'barefoot'.

But if you want to add amplifiers for transmit and receive, some filtering of the image is necessary. The you can expect a further decrease of noise figure and for transmit the power amplifier must not deliver a high PEP-power because of the double tone excitation from image and transmit frequency.

db6nt 13cm transverter

Design The circuit digram Fig. Mount the coax connectors Put the PCB onto the center conductors of the coax connectors and solder carefully from both sides to the tinned box Mount all parts. The 24T15 should be mounted 'overhead' with leads bended downwards. The diodes must be flat on the PCB. A piece of waveguide R with a flange must be drilled 2.

This should have a free length of 2. Afterwards the waveguide can be soldered to the side of the tinned box.I do not think I am unrealistic by claiming that our cherished Radio Amateur hobby has ceased to attract our youngsters, all due to the expansion and "popularization" of the Internet. Radio amateurs may soon become new "dinosaurs".

The Internet, a global-access network, has successfully erased our exotic sentiment from overseas shortwave communication. It has become quite rare in amateur shortwave bands, to see the old-style daily traffic of opportune communications. Although the reality looks sad to us, the remaining "competitive" radio amateurs enjoy a number of attractive contests, some communicating in VHF, UHF and microwave bands, testing new modes of operation, and new gadgets.

The majority of today's radio-amateur activities falls into the first category. There is only a quite small number of radio amateurs who are able to operate above MHz, during contests or else. The vast majority is active at and MHzwhere good equipment and antennas are available. For the microwave bands, the availability of reasonably-priced equipment is highly limited, and experts having access to microwave test equipment are also rare.

The situation is not significantly affected even by the top-notch products and kits by DB6NT. Before one can reach for a key or a microphone to start at a microwave band, there are still many obstacles to overcome. They have created and are marketing a set of microwave outdoor transverters integrated with antennas OTA. By simply connecting this OTA with one's UHF TRX via a "reasonably" long tens of meters coaxial cable, even technical laymen can easily start operating at microwave bands.

The authors are sure that their new OTAs will allow many radio amateur contest enthusiasts to operate from their "fire-places" provided they are located at a suitable QTH. The new OTA design is expected to substatially improve the availability of microwave technology, to expand radio-amateur activities into "higher" bands. By this contribution, microwave activities will become more common even beyond the annual contests. Are you interested in this product?

CZ EN.Could you send me the link also, The link here takes me to the forum dspite beeing logged in to the site.

Same observations from my side, I first thought that was my installation, but I will follow DK1KQ recommendations to not touch anything yet. Installation along the X64 Version works ufb. Just unzipping VLC 32bit in the "default" folder doesn't.

Probably we should start a topic if there isn't one for this. Both, my first Transverter and the Duoband-Feed for a 90 cm Offsetdish are ready to go. Uplink runs from MHz to 2,4 GHz with max. I first talk about that feed at GHz-Tagung in Dorsten on That could be a bit large to accomodate your 13cm feed, isn't it? Another difficulty is that the horn cannot be removed so it will be tricky to get the 13cm feed fitted around the neck.

But it should work, when you remove the plastic enclosure and mount the Patch on the neck of the LNB. I agree, it should be a little bit tricky. But what about the 50 mm Horn? I also do some experiments with a Helix around the LNB picture 2. The Helix works quite well. But until now I could not find such an LNB. It looks like the technology for LNBs has changed. My LNBs were only 7 euro each I do not know Lg-lab?

Do you mean SG-Lab? You can still order via DG0VE website. We Phase 4 Ground have a dual band feed design that we're 3D printing and testing for P4A that might be worth considering. It's a helical over a circular waveguide. I'll post more as soon as I can. We were asked about it after we published the P4B dual band feed. Of course it is possible to lock it to a GPS reference, but I also consider some form of automatic locking at the IF frequency to the beacon.

Is it enough? We will see Yes it should be possible to solve it using locking, however what we need in the software is some possibility to lock on the beacon and then tune to another frequency where the locking that tracks the beacon also makes the tuned qrg track in the same way.

I don't think that is already available in one of the SDR programs, but it probably will be in the future when lots of people face this issue and some competent SDR programmer picks it up. A very good crystal 'especially cut for you' has a precision in the range of 0.

So, my opinion is that a single crystal will not be sufficient for narrow band operation. Input range: MHzNote The Social Cards feature isn't available when creating a template in the Templates page of your account.

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Watch Days of our Lives, weekdays on NBC. They aren't there yet. Should NFL be concerned about national anthem.

db6nt 13cm transverter

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DB6NT Amateur Radio Download Archive

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db6nt 13cm transverter

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